Abadzhiev, Petko Stefanov

*1913 2006†

Born in Karlovo. Student of Nikola Tanev. He graduated from the NAA /1942/ under Prof. Nikola Ganushev.  Lived in Plovdiv, and after 1970 – in Sofia. He produced paintings, mainly urban and seascapes. His palette was remarkably aerial, lyrical, transmitting a delicate and lyrical feeling.

Aleksandrov, Zdravko
(Zdravko Aleksandrov Kanchelov )

*1911 1999†

He graduated from the NAA under Prof. Vasil Zahariev in 1935. Landscapes were his primary occupation. He possessed a sharp sense of objectivity and plasticity, and employed a soft colour palette and light effects in his works.

Alshekh, Eliezer Natan

*1908 1983†

Born in Vidin, died in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany under professors Caspar and Schinnerer. In the late 1940s, he immigrated. He settled in Argentina in 1951 and became a teacher of painting at the Manuel Belgrano National High School of Fine Arts. Alshekh created in all painting genres – pure painting, the power of colour, avoiding lines.

Andonov, Nikola Kostov

*1887 1981†

He graduated from the NAA /1913/ under professors Ivan Mrkvička, Anton Mitov and Ivan Angelov. His paintings represent a glorification of Bulgarian history, lifestyle and culture.

Angelov, Ivan
(Ivan Angelov Stoyanov)

*1864 1924†

He graduated from the Royal Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich /1886/ under Prof. Karl Piloty. He was a professor at the NAA /1900-1924/. Genre painting was his primary field of work. The palette he employed was rich and expressive.

Angelov, Ivan
(Ivan Angelov Stoyanov)

*1899 1983†

He graduated from the NAA /1926/ under Prof. Nikola Marinov. He created a number of landscapes, still lifes and portraits – made in bulk and possessing a specific atmosphere and intense colours.

Atanasov, Yanko

*1892 1958†

He graduated from the NAA under Prof. Ivan Mrkvička. He specialized in Vienna and Paris. He painted genre paintings, still lifes and portraits, producing hundreds of paintings. Painting, monumental art, graphics, scenography and scenic design were the branches he engaged in. Homeland was a major theme in his work.


Badzhov, Stefan Ivanov

*1880 1953†

He finished the department of decorative arts and painting at the School of Applied Arts in Prague /1906/ under Prof. Mashek. Became a professor at the NAA in Sofia. His domains were applied arts, decorative and monumental painting and restoration. As a painter, he is a representative of the symbolism-secession movement in Bulgarian fine arts.

Bakardzhiev, Georgi Stefanov

*1899 1972†

He was educated in glass art and ceramics at the School of Technology in Paris, France. He returned to Bulgaria /1940/ and dedicated himself to ceramics. His works have a distinctly Bulgarian style, which renders him one of the founders of the contemporary Bulgarian ceramics art.

Balkanski, Nenko Dimitrov

*1907 1977†

He graduated from the NAA /1930/ under professors Nikola Marinov and Boris Mitov. Later, he continued his education in Paris and Munich. Between 1939 and 1941, he specialized in France and Italy. In 1947, he started teaching at the NAA, where he obtained the title of professor in 1959. He is labelled “a painter of simple things” because he found beauty and a particular harmony in fruit, nature and ordinary people.