Children read poems with the young poet Albena Furnadzhieva from her book “Dreamers” at the “Dimitar Georgiev” Museum Gallery – Plovdiv. The invitation for this initiative came from the Municipality of Brezovo as a gift for the talented children from the Center for Family Accommodation – Brezovo for their awards in painting from children’s workshops and competitions. They were joined by their peers from other schools.

The meeting with the author was extremely exciting and inspiring. Two young actors from the Lyuben Groys Theater School in Plovdiv also played riddles from the book, in which the children showed their knowledge. Albena Furnadzhieva addressed her children with the message “Childhood is wonderful! Don’t give up on dreaming and follow your dreams! ”

The beautiful experience was helped by the atmosphere of the gallery, presenting works by a number of prominent Bulgarian classical artists, whose works of fine art children between 9-14 years from the Center for Family Accommodation – Brezovo, had the opportunity to touch for the first time. “I love to paint and I’m very happy here. The paintings are so beautiful “- said the young talented artist Ivanka Vasileva (11 years old), who won first prize in the last painting competition of the municipality of Brezovo “My color dream”.

“We are happy that in the halls of Dimitar Georgiev Museum Gallery we can meet children, give them the opportunity to touch different types of art – in this case poetry and fine arts. In any case, we are convinced that the experience is the strongest of the living connection in communication with the author.” commented the people working at the gallery.