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Media Literacy for Critical Thinking

A workshop in the framework of the project “Media Literacy for Critical Thinking”, funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department with the Meridian International Center as an implementation partner was held at Dimitar Georgiev Gallery. Media literacy is a set of skills that enable citizens to create and…

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Exhibition “The Unknown Gencho Alexiev

From October 25 to November 4, 2022, the exhibition “The Unknown Gencho Alexiev /1896-1956/, containing 25 rare watercolor works by the author, will be presented in the “Dimitar Georgiev” Museum Gallery.Gencho Alexiev is little known to the general public, but an extremely strong watercolorist. The idea to present his works comes from the fact that…

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Together and equal: the rights of asylum seekers and protection

A press conference for the presentation of the project “Together and equal: the rights of asylum seekers and protection”, aimed at Ukrainians fleeing the war, which foundation “Stoina Krastanova” is starting to implement was held at gallery “Dimi The head of the foundation, Krasimira Krastanova, explained that the aim of the project is to help the institutions…

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Donation to the National Library Ivan Vazov

The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Plovdiv, Eng. Dimitar Georgiev, presented a special donation to the “Ivan Vazov” National Library – three facsimile copies of valuable publications from the period of Kievan Rus: the Rheims Gospel from the 11th century, the Kholm Gospel from the 13th century and the Lavryshev Gospel from the 14th century….

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Round table Tomorrow’s Theater

A round table on the problems and development of theater art Tomorrow’s Theater with curators Rositsa Obreshkova and Georgi Toshev was held in Museum gallery “Dimitar Georgiev”. Among the participants were famous playwrights, stage designers, theater experts and directors, among them Evgenia Shermeneva, Petar Dundakov, Zahari Karabashliev, Elin Rahnev, Elen Ivanova.



Row 8, place 14

Dimitar Georgiev Gallery hosted a sculpture exhibition by Valentina Zlatarova as part of the Autumn International Theater Festival “Scene at the Crossroads”. Valentina Zlatarova graduated from the national art high school “Tsanko Lavrenov” in her native Plovdiv with a degree in “Sculpture”. In 2004, she moved to Italy, where she was accepted into the sculpture…

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Closing concert pf Summer Music Academy “Rhodopa”

For the first year, the closing concert of the participants in the 16th edition of the International Summer Music Academy “Rhodopa” was held in museum gallery “Dimitar Georgiev” – Plovdiv. Every year at the beginning of August, the academy attracts young musicians – singers and instrumentalists – from Europe, America, Australia, Asia to the National…

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Charity auction

The charity auction of Ukrainian and Bulgarian children’s drawings collected over BGN 5,000 from 15 works in aid of refugee families in Plovdiv. This was announced by Natalia Ellis from the “Support and Reconstruction of Ukraine” foundation, which coordinates the accommodation of refugees in the city. The auction was held at the “Ivan Vazov” National…

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Art for Peace

“Art for Peace” is the title of an exhibition with the participation of Ukraininan graphic artists from Israel , which will be opened in the Art Gallery of the “Ivan Vazov” National Library – Plovdiv. The initiative is a joint work of Dimitar Georgiev Gallery, Ukraine Support and Renovation and Ivan Vazov National Library. The…

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Find and remember

The children from the Family-Type Accommodation Center For Children Without Disabilities – Zelenikovo village, Brezovo municipality visited the “Dimitar Georgiev” museum gallery for educational purposes. Prof. Emilia Konstantinova held a workshop on “Innovative methods for presenting a museum collection”. Through game methods, the children and their teachers got to know the work of the most…

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